Why choose a Rolling Thunder Frame?

Rolling Thunder frames are held to the highest standards. We CNC machine our parts in-house so that we can ensure all parts meet our strict tolerances. Our frames are engineered to fit any V-Twin power train and our stretch and rake measurements are based off of stock specifications.

Every frame built at Rolling Thunder is inspected for fit and finish including the installation of an engine and transmission and primary before leaving the building. There is a visual inspection performed on all tig welds – our metal fabrication standards are renowned in the industry.

We use a CMM arm (Coordinate Measuring Machine) built by FARO Technologies, both in R&D and in our Quality Control department, to ensure our dimensions are perfect. Investing in technology is essential to producing the best quality frame on the market.

Rolling Thunder values your time ? we make perfect frames so you can focus on building your bike without having to mess with fitment issues. There are no hassles with a Rolling Thunder frame. We understand that the frame is the foundation of your bike and we believe that only the best is good enough. But you don?t have to take our word for it, our frame speaks for itself.

What is your lead time for a frame ?

Our standard lead time is 3-6 weeks. If we are unable to deliver in that time frame, we will inform you in advance of placing your order. If you require a frame faster, just give us a call and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Is shipping included with my frame?

No, shipping charges are in addition to the price of the frame. We have a standard shipping rate that is charged per frame, however we can make special arrangements for larger orders.

What is the advantage of a Right Side Drive frame ?

The main advantage to Right Side Drive is its compatibility with wide tires. The mass centralization of the engine and transmission in the centre of the frame creates perfect balance. Our 300mm, 330mm and 360mm frames are only available in Right Side Drive.

Where do I get pricing info ?

There are 3 ways to get pricing info:

  1. Just give us a call and we’ll quote you over the phone.
  2. Sign-up for a free retail package and we?ll mail you a full price list.
  3. Our online work order will calculate an approximate retail price for you.
What size belt will run on your frames ?

You can run a full size 1″ Belt on all of our frames, including the 300mm, 330mm and 360mm with the exception of the 240 frame. If using a 240mm rear tire you can only run an 1 1/8″ belt or chain.

How do I know what the offset is on my frame ?

We’ve included this grid to demonstrate the offset calculations, but please call us if you still have any questions.

Rear Tire Size Primary Offset Tranny Offset Belt Size
180mm No Offset No Offset 1 1/2″
200mm 1/2″ Offset2 1/2″ Tranny Plate1 Offset 1 1/2″
230mm 1″ Offset2 Offset plate is welded in frame 1 1/2″
240mm 1″ Offset2 Offset plate is welded in frame 1 1/8″
250mm LSD 1 1/2″ Offset2 Offset plate is welded in frame 1 1/2″
250mm RSD 1/2″ Offset2 Offset plate is welded in frame 1 1/2″
280/300mm No Offset No Offset 1 1/2″
330mm No Offset Offset plate is welded in frame4 1 1/2″
360mm No Offset Offset plate is welded in frame 1 1/2″
  1. This plate must be purchased separately. Rolling Thunder does not currently make one
  2. You can purchase the inner primary spacer separately from Rolling Thunder however you will need to buy the compensating sprocket extension kit as well which is not currently available through Rolling Thunder
  3. A Baker ” tranny pulley offset kit is required
What is a CMM arm ?

CMM stands for Coordinate Measuring Machine. At Rolling Thunder, we use a sophisticated CMM arm designed by FARO Technologies to inspect both our jigs and our frames. The CMM arm allows us to verify all of our products to accuracy within 0.0005 of an inch. We believe our customers should have perfect frames and CMM technology helps us achieve that goal.

How do I calculate Trail ?

We will calculate rake and trail for any frames that will be using our Springer front-end otherwise there are many rake and trail calculators available online which can help you calculate proper trail. Before calculating you will need to do the following:


  • Setup your frame at the desired ride height
  • Take a vertical measurement from the ground to the top centre of neck or bottom of neck for a springer
  • Get the radius of your front wheel by measuring from the center of the axle to the ground (with tire installation)
  • Find the rake angle of your frame

Once you have that information, either give us a call or check online for a trail calculator. The standard trail measurement should fall somewhere between 3 and 5 inches.

I've lost my Manufacturers Statement of Origin, how can I get another one ?

A Manufacturers Statement of Origin (MSO) is supplied with every Rolling Thunder frame. We only supply an MSO to the person or company that originally purchased the frame. If you purchased the frame from us just give us a call and we will send you a duplicate for a small fee. If you bought the frame through a third party and never received the MSO then give us a call and we will contact the original purchaser of the frame and send them a duplicate that they will then have to forward to you.

Do you make a Rubber Mount frame ?

We certainly do ! Rolling Thunder Mfg, releases RT’s Bagger, the first in a series of Rubbermount models. Shown for the first time at this year’s Dealer Expo in Cincinnati. See our frame section for further information.

What rake and stretch is available ?

We can build your frame to any specification you want. There is no extra cost associated with the rake and stretch of our frames .

What is the advantage of large diameter tubing ?

The advantage of large diameter tubing is that there is more strength in your frame and much less vibration while riding.

How do I become a Dealer ?

Print out the Dealer Application available on our website, complete it and email it over to us. We will register you quickly and mail out a dealer package to you. Please note that you are required to be setup with at least 2 distribution companies in order to be eligible.

Can I buy direct from you ?

Yes you can. However, we do have an extensive network of both Dealers and Distributors across the U.S. and Canada and will gladly help you find a dealer in your area.

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