RT’s Bagger / 2009-2014

Built to any configurations . Can also be made for 23, 26, 30 and 32 front wheel

Once you really take a good look at this frame little needs to be said other than it?s a welcome change. It’s perfectly straight and all the components are designed to fit into the appropriate positions flawlessly. More than any other frame, RT’s Bagger truly showcases the power behind Rolling Thunder’s manufacturing prowess. The frame and sheet metal symmetry optimize the latest in frame building engineering technology: our C.M.M. Arm established the measurements, and our CNC Laser cuts razor sharp time and again.
Available as a direct replacement frame or 200mm tire application, it accepts stock OEM drive train components and plug ins for up to 2005 wiring harnesses and modules. Other features include improved neck configuration, as well as provision for fork OEM lock mechanisms. For custom applications, this frame is also available with a tubular backbone for flexibility on downtube and backbone stretch and rakes.